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The following images appeared as part of an article in the April, 2001 issue of The United States Specialist.  Recent back issues of The Specialist may be ordered from the Executive Secretary for $2 per copy.  Send orders to:

Executive Secretary
P.O. Box 6634
Katy, TX  77491-6634

Make checks payable to U.S.S.S.

Dummy Booklets with Daffodil Front Cover Confirmed

By Terry R. Scott
P.O. Box 10406,  Napa, CA  94581

This new dummy booklets, as well as other recently reported dummy booklets and sheetlets, will be listed in the next edition of Research Paper Number 3, Dummy Stamp Booklets.

The author is greatly indebted to the members of the DBSG: David Eeles, John L. Larson, Joann Lenz, Earl McAfee, Michael O. Perry, Peter Thompson, Dan Undersander and Robert B. Williams for their assistance with this article.  A special thanks is also extended to United States Stamp Society member, Cecelia Wertheimer, Curator, Historical Resource Center, Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Readers are invited to submit any new discoveries or information on dummy booklets to the Chairman of the Dummy Booklet Study Group, Earl McAfee, P.O. Box 11266, Champaign, IL  61826.

Figure 1.  Outside front cover of DMY FCB Daffodil-5 booklet.
Figure 2.  Typical dummy booklet outside back cover.
Figure 3.  DMY FCB Daffodil-4 booklet pane with LRM over right stamp
(tab at top).

Table 1.  Summary of Differences on Reported
DMY FCB Daffodil Booklets
USSS BOOKLET NUMBERDMY FCB Daffodil-1DMY FCB Daffodil-2 DMY FCB Daffodil-3DMY FCB Daffodil-4DMY FCB Daffodil-5
Folded Cover Size*43 x 8143 x 81 43 x 8143 x 8166 x 87
Cover Roulette Gauge @ Fold~ 5 ¼~ 5 ¼ ~ 5 ¼~ 5 ¼~ 8 ½
Pane Size43 x 13543 x 135 43 x 13543 x 13566 x 137
Number of Panes per Booklet24 442
Stamp Image Size (O.D.) and Line Width18.0x21.0
Stamp Image ColorBlueBlue Very Dark BlueVery Dark BlueBlack
LRM Over Which Stamp ImageLeftLeft LeftRightLeft
Printed on Inside Front and Back Covers?YesYes YesNoNo
Large Number Printed on One Stamp in Booklet PaneNoYes NoNoNo
* All measurements are in mm., except the roulette gauge at centerfold, with the cover fold or pane tab at top.


1.  Terry R. Scott, "New $5.00 Jack London Dummy Booklet Confirmed,"  The United States Specialist, Vol. 71, No. 6 (June 2000), pp. 274-277.

2.  Michael O. Perry, Folded Style Booklet Checklist, Research Paper Number 2, Updated 12th Edition; includes booklets from 1977 through December 1999; available for $12 postpaid (U.S.).

3.  Earl M. McAfee, et al., Dummy Stamp Booklets, Research Paper Number 3, 3rd Edition, September 1998; available for $12 postpaid (U.S.).

4.  The Graphic Arts Technical Foundation is a member-supported, nonprofit, technical and education organization serving the international graphic communcations industries.  More information can be found at the web site  The organization can be contacted at: Graphic Arts Technical Foundation, 200 Deer Run Road, Sewickley, PA  15143-2600.

Sat Aug 18 2001