New Durland Standard Plate Number Catalog
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New Durland Standard Plate Number Catalog
to be released at NAPEX

The United States Stamp Society, formerly the Bureau Issues Association, Inc. has announced that a new Durland Catalog is at the press and is expected to be available at the Society’s annual meeting at NAPEX, June 2, 2000.

The Durland 2000 edition is the sixth produced by the USSS and its publication celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the introduction of the Standard Plate Number Catalog.  The Sterling Stamp Co. published the first Plate Number Catalog, Vol. 1, in 1950 and in successive years through 1981.  Clarence B. Durland, himself initially edited the catalog with William Patten editing the later editions.  In 1984 under the leadership of the late George Godin, the B.I.A. began editing, publishing and expanding the coverage of stamps.  The Society produced subsequent editions in 1986, 1990, 1994 and 1997.  The 1997 and the new 2000 edition have been compiled and edited by Kim D. Johnson, assisted by W. Wallace Cleland and John L. Larson.

The new Durland 2000, the most comprehensive research source for plate number information on United States postage and revenue stamps, has been expanded to 456 pages, an increase of 64 pages from the previous edition.  Plate number information appears for three years of new issues along with scores of previously unreported numbers for pre-Bureau issues, which were introduced in the 1997 edition.

New features in this edition include the listing of all Revenue issues with 40 new illustrations and a new section for dummy and test stamps.  For the first time, paste up coils and rotary booklet panes will be priced.  A new appendix listing the maximum percentage of partial plate numbers on Coil stamps will complement the ongoing Rotary Press Booklet pane percentage listings.

The Postage Due section has been re-worked, incorporating the studies done by David Stiff and published in The United States Specialist, the Society’s monthly journal.  The MDI "Blue Cover" booklet section has also been enhanced and updated.

With the completion of the revenues section and new listings, the catalog will now include plate number information on all United States and overprinted Possessions postage, revenue and back of the book stamps listed in the Scott Specialized catalog.

The Durland 2000 edition, a bound soft-cover 9" x 6" book format, will be priced at $22.00 post paid.  It is available to members of the United States Stamp Society at the discount price of $18.00.  Orders should be sent to Mr. David Lee, Executive Secretary, P.O. Box 6634, Katy, TX  77491-6634

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