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The Walter W. Hopkinson Memorial Award

The Walter W. Hopkinson Memorial Award was established in 1953 in honor of Walter W. Hopkinson, by his wife, Mrs. Constance B. Hopkinson.  The award is given annually to the author of the best article or series of articles published in The United States Specialist, the monthly journal of the United States Stamp Society.

The award honors Hopkinson's interest in philatelic scholarship and the dissemination of research and knowledge through the Society's publications.  Hopkinson was a plate number specialist as well as a vigorous supporter and long-time member of the Bureau Issues Association, as the Society was then known.  The first award was given in 1954, and it has been presented annually thereafter.  The award consists of an engraved plaque with the Society's seal, and an honorarium.

                Hopkinson Memorial Award Winners

WinnerArticle/Series Title
1953Norman W. KempfStuart Relief Breaks
1954George W. BrettThe 8¢ Bi-Color, 1954 Series of Ordinaries
1955Walter E. HopperElectric Eye Types
1956G. William SchallThe Errors and Varieties
1957A.L. Van Nest2¢ Trans-Mississippi, A Study of Plate Pairs
1958George W. BrettThe Giori Press
1959Dana A. BarrellInter. Hand-Driven Cancelling Machine
1960Robert L. MarkovitsThe United States Special Delivery Issue
1961Lewis A. MiersOdd Shades Among the Bureau Issues
1962Meyer TuchinskyThe U.S. Postal Agency, Shanghai, China
1963Jerome WolfThe Bureau Maketh...The Bureau Changeth
1964Lewis A. MiersThe Two and Five Dollar Stamps of the Bureau Issues
1965Walter A. McIntireUnited States Postage Due Stamps
1966Rev. John C. RubackUnited States Tax Paid Revenue Stamps
1967Henry F. DavisThe Stamp of Approval
1968Loran C. FrenchPlate Varieties on Bureau Issue Plate Blocks
1969J. Frank Braceland, Jr.Newspapers and Periodicals
1970Robert C. LorenzenFirst Bureau Series (Plate Markings and Positions)
1971Jack V. HarveyThe B.I.A. and First Day Covers
1972Ralph L. SloatThe U.S. Airmail Special Delivery Issue
1973Samuel SmithRN Revisited: A Survey of U.S. Revenue Stamped Paper
1974Clark S. CraneTypes or Constant Varieties Luxembourg-Netherlands Issue, 1943
1975Ralph L. SloatFarley's Follies
1976Loran C. FrenchPlate Varieties (Committee Reports)
1977Henry W. BeecherSeries Analyzing and Interpreting Postal Rates
1978John S. MeekSiderographers and Plate Finishers Initials
1979Randell E. BartUnited States Commodity or Non-Postal Booklet Issues
1980Charles YeagerNew Issues Forum Series
1981Roland RustadThe Fifth Bureau Issue (1938 - 1943) The Presidential Series
1982Steven R. BelascoCharacteristics of Genuine Vending and Affixing Machine Perforations
1983John M. HotchnerMajor Perforation Varieties of the 20th Century
1984Larry S. WeissWashington-Franklin Head Issues
1985Stuart GitlowContemporary Postal History
1986W. Wallace ClelandWashington-Franklin Series Coil Waste Issue
1987James H. BrunsMail Delivery Trucks: A Decade of Decision
1988Bruce H. MosherPlating the 1987 Locomotives Booklet Panes
1989Jay StottsRate Usages of the Fourth Bureau Issue
1990Louis RepetaStickney Rotary Press Printing Varieties
1991Larry WeissDesigning and Engraving the Washington-Franklin Series
1992George W. BrettThe U.S. 3¢ 1890-1894 Die and the 1894 Types I and II
1993John MeekTax Act 1898
1994Gary GriffithU.S. 1922 Definitive Series, The Fourth Bureau Issue
1995Kenneth DiehlThe 2¢ Stamps of the First Bureau Issue
1996Louis RepetaThs Stickney Rotary Printing Press
1997Brian BabaUnited States Savings Booklets
1998James H. PattersonSmall Die Proofs of the 20th Century's Second Quarter
1999Roger S. BrodyY1.9K - Handling the Mails at the Turn of the Century
2000Larry S. WeissDetecting Watermarks
2001John S. MeekUnited States Postage Selvage Markings
2002Wallace ClelandSeries on Plate Numbers and Plate Markings
2003Roger S. BrodyRaymond Ostrander Smith Pencil Drawings - Series 1902
2004Melvin GetlanFollow-up On Early Usage Of Dummy Test Stamps
2005Nicholas LombardiThe U. S. Registry Label & Receipt of 1907
2006Wallace ClelandAMG Plate Blocks
2007Robert G. RufeThe U. S. Special Handling Issues
2008Larry S. WeissWhy Collect the U.S. Washington-Franklin Heads? A 100th Anniversary Tribute
2009Larry S. Weiss & Gerald NylanderSeries on Two patterns of ‘USPS’ Double Line Watermarks
2010Harry K. Charles, Jr.Series on Postal and Treasury Savings Systems
2011Kevin G. LowtherExploring the Washington-Franklin Roulettes
2012Ken LawrenceUnpublished Air Mail Rates for U.S. Pacific Island Possessions 1935-1946