Society News for June, 2007

USSS Board of Governors Meeting at TEXPEX 2007

June 1st, 2007

Like the Postal Service, neither rain, nor cold, nor Texas tornadoes kept your Board of Governors from holding a very successful Annual Meeting in Dallas hosted by the Southwest Philatelic Foundation, April 13-15, 2007. In addition to the presentation of officers’ reports, the Board took action on several important proposals.

Executive Secretary Larry Ballantyne reported that, for the first time in several years, declining membership has abated. His report also indicated strong membership financial support with record donations received with the recent dues mailing.

Treasurer David Sugar’s report showed a positive cash flow for 2006 and noted that the financial assets of the Society are at an all time high thanks to donations, bequests and strong publication sales led by the Encyclopedia of United States Stamps and Stamp Collecting.

President Nick Lombardi reported on Society stamp show participation, the awards program and committee activities, which were reported in the May issue.

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USSS Supports APS Award Honoring the Society and Barbara R. Mueller

June 1st, 2007

At the winter APS StampShow in Riverside, CA, the American Philatelic Society proposed establishing an award for the best article published in the American Philatelist, their monthly journal. Officials of the APS approached the USSS to consider funding the award with a naming opportunity.

The Board of Governors, at their Annual Meeting at TEXPEX, agreed to support a motion to donate $25,000 to the APS to support an annual award for the best article in the American Philatelist and that the name of the award would be the United States Stamp Society – Barbara R. Mueller Award.

This is a one time opportunity, not only to promote research and philatelic writing, but also to promote the United States Stamp Society, our goals and mission, to expand the study of and knowledge about U.S. postage and revenue stamps to the 45,000 membership of the APS, approximately 80% of whom collect U.S.

The $25,000 donation would be set aside and allocated specifically to derive income to provide for an appropriate plaque or trophy and a cash stipend of $1000. The selection criteria and selection of recipients would be the responsibility of the American Philatelic Society.

Barbara R. Mueller is one of our Society’s most prominent members. In addition to her long and valuable service to our Society and recent induction to the USSS Hall of Fame, she has been equally honored and recognized by the American Philatelic Society, having received the APS John N. Luff Award, signed the APS Scroll of Distinguished Recipients and has been recognized in the APS Writers Unit 30 Hall of Fame.

With each annual award, the role of the United States Stamps Society would be featured in the American Philatelist. As an APS affiliate we would also be supporting the work of the APS in their efforts to promote stamp collecting in the United States.

The motion that follows was passed unanimously.

It is hereby moved that:

The United States Stamp Society (USSS) agrees to donate $25,000 to the American Philatelic Society (APS) to establish an endowment for an annual award for the best article in the American Philatelist. The $25,000 will be restricted specifically to provide income for an appropriate plaque or trophy (at the discretion of APS) and a cash honorarium of $1000 that will be awarded annually. The APS, in consideration for this donation, agrees to name the award “United States Stamp Society – Barbara R. Mueller Award,” and the APS further agrees that when publicizing the award in the American Philatelist, the APS will state that “the award was established by the United States Stamp Society to give special recognition to Barbara R. Mueller for her many contributions to philatelic research and writing.”

The USSS further agrees that the award selection criteria and selection of award recipients will be the sole responsibility of the American Philatelic Society.

-Roger Brody, Chairman

USSS General Membership Meeting Minutes

June 1st, 2007

President Nick Lombardi called the meeting to order at 2 PM. He welcomed everyone present and thanked them for attending the meeting. He then asked all to introduce themselves by stating name, where from, and collecting interests.

The minutes of the General Membership Meeting held in Washington DC, June, 2006, were published in the July, 2006 issue of The U.S. Specialist. Roger Brody made a motion to accept the minutes as printed. Second, Wallace Cleland; passed.

Nick stated that one of the best jobs of the president is to be able to acknowledge the efforts of the members of the USSS. He explained that one of the most prestigious awards given by the Society is the Hopkinson Literature Award. It is given to the person who has written the best article or series of articles throughout the year. Nick presented the 2006 award to Wallace Cleland for his series of articles on the AMG plate blocks.

Nick reported that membership has risen a little; there were 1638 members at the end of March, 2006; at the end of March, 2007, there were 1655. He added that some of the increase was due to the number of members recruited at Washington 2006. Nick also stated that the number of members contributing above the dues level has risen slightly. He encouraged all to let other U.S. collectors know about the Society, adding that membership is one of the best deals in philately.


USSS Members in the Winners’ Circle at Texpex

June 1st, 2007

Members of the United States Stamp Society did themselves proud at the recent Annual Convention held at Texpex in Dallas.

The Grand Award, as well as the Statue of Freedom medal, was won by our own President Nicholas Lombardi for “The 1903 Two Cent Washington Shield Issue.” The Walter W. Hopkinson Memorial Trophy for the Best 20th Century Exhibit was won by Roland Austin for “Postal History of the 1954 Liberty Series.” This highly coveted award can be won only once by an exhibit. We were unable to offer the Hugh M. Southgate Trophy for Best 19th Century because there weren’t enough exhibits to qualify.

Other United States exhibits receiving gold medals were: “Lincoln Portrait Stamps of the United States: 1866-1882″ by William J. Ainsworth; “The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Series of 1945-46 and Its First Day Covers and Uses” by Eliot A. Landau; “150 Years of U.S. Precancels” by Arnold Selengut; “Canal Zone Second Air Mail Series” by Paul Ammons; and “The 5¢ China War Resistance Issue of 1942: Its Proof, Issue, First Day Covers and Postal Issues” by Eliot A. Landau. A vermeil medal was won by Joann Lenz for “The 6¢ Theodore Roosevelt Stamp 1955-1968.”

U.S. Exhibits also did well in the Single Frame Division. Eliot A. Landau won the Grand for “The 1909 Lincoln Commemorative Issues: Early uses and First Day Covers”; and Greg Shoults took golds for his exhibits “Washington and Franklin Coils 1912 Issue Perf 8.5″ and “Washington and Franklin Coils 1910 Issue Perf 8.5.” A Vermeil medal was won by Frank Braithwaite for “13¢ Benjamin Harrison Stamp of 1902.”

-Denise Stotts, Awards Chairwoman