The USSS at StampShow – August 14–17, 2008
By Nicholas Lombardi

The hot topics in New England during the month of August are usually the Boston Red Sox run for the pennant, the New England Patriots preseason football games and vacations at the shore.  However, for philatelists this year, it was the annual APS StampShow held in Hartford, Connecticut.

The show ran four full days and our Society manned a spacious corner booth during the entire time.  Although our booth location did not appear to be ideal at first, it didn’t stop both members and interested collectors from finding us.  In fact, as you can see from the list below, 120 members stopped by and signed in, by far the largest contingent we’ve had at an APS StampShow in recent memory.  Our booth served as a meeting place for members to visit with old friends, make new ones, and, in many cases, to put a face with a familiar name.  The friendly atmosphere also attracted many non-members who inquired about the Society and purchased many of our publications.  Book sales for the four days were excellent and we achieved something of a milestone when member Miles Garrod purchased our last copy of Sloan’s Columns.  We also signed up 13 new members, one of our best recruiting results ever at a show, even topping what we did at the Portland StampShow last year.  A number of these new recruits said that they had sought us out because of our prominent full-page ad in the show program.

On Friday evening 39 members and guests braved a torrential thunderstorm and gathered at Hot Tomato’s in downtown Hartford for our traditional StampShow Dutch Treat Dinner.  Good food and conversation was enjoyed by all.  The highlight of the affair was the presentation of a 50 Year Membership Pin to Jacques C. Schiff by Chairman Roger Brody.

Speaking of membership pins, Barbara R. Mueller and Dr. David P. Stiff also received their 50 Year Membership Pins at the show.  In addition, 52 other members received either 15 or 25 Year Membership Pins during the four days.

Nine of our members gave presentations on a variety of subjects during the show.  Clark Frazier, John Hotchner, Eliot Landau, Jacques Schiff, Steve Davis, Andy Kupersmit, Ken Martin, Dan Piazza and Tony Wawrukiewicz spoke on topics ranging from perforation varieties of the 1851-57 issue to the FDR First Day covers.  The USSS was also well represented on the exhibit floor.  Twenty members entered exhibits that could be found in the single frame, multi-frame, Court of Honor and Champion of Champions competitions.  The USSS Statue of Freedom Award was won by David Lobdell for his exhibit, “U.S. War Department Official Stamps 1873-1884.”  Although many of our exhibitors also garnered a variety of other special awards at the Awards Banquet, the highlight occurred when Irv Heimburger was announced as the 2008 Champion of Champions for his exhibit, “The U.S. Pictorial Issue of 1869 and Its Usage.”  Congratulations, Irv!

I’d like to express my appreciation to all of those members who helped setup and staff the booth at the show.  Among the volunteers were Eliot Landau, Jeff Shapiro, Len Piszkiewicz, Kurt & Joann Lenz, Peter Mosiondz, Jr., Jay & Denise Stotts, E. Decker Adams, Rich Parks, Steve Davis, Alan Parsons, Gerry Farrelly, C. David Eeles and Roger Brody.  A very special thanks once again goes to Tom Jacks of Mountainside Stamps for transporting the Society’s booth supplies to the show.

Those visiting the booth came from across the country and included:

Paul Bourke Melvin Getlan Marc Achterhof
Sal Spagnola Gary Weiss Richard Nazar
Peter Mosiondz, Jr. Tony Wawrukiewicz K. David Steidley
Ronald Maifeld Herbert Felsenfeld, MD Stephen Suffet
Henry B. Scheuer Miles Garrod William R. Rader
Len Piszkiewicz John Hotchner Gary McClarran
Robert Dion Greg Sutherland Hubert C. Skinner
Steve Davis James Kloetzel Dick Hall
Eliot Landau Bill Weiss Ken Zierer
Roger Brody Richard Champagne Irv Heimburger
Steve Pacetti Jim Lee Andy Kupersmit
Jacques C. Schiff, Jr. Murray Abramson Tom Corette
Wayne Youngblood Bob Hohertz Tom McFarland
Denise Stotts Tom Jacks Dr. Charles DiComo
Jay Stotts Labron Harris Edward Schmid
Joann Lenz Ross A. Troule Tony Bruno
C. David Eeles Albert Briggs, Jr. Frank Braithwaite
Chuck McCarthy Bob Robinowitz Francis Jurkowski
Clark Frazier Merle Farrington Joe Chervenyak
Anthony Krusz Jonathan Topper Rob Loeffler
Milt Keiles Stephen C. Robbins Joe Cristiano
Ken Martin Rich Parks Jim Kloetzel
E. Decker Adams Henry B. Scheuer Kendall Wiggin
Webster Hall Barbara R. Mueller William J. Hart
Frederick C. Skvara Steven Crippe Alan Warren
Jonathan Humble Armond R. Lamaville Tom Mazza
Charles Wood Ralph H. Nafziger Frank Magnavijo
Alan Warren Peter DuPuy David Chamberland
Richard A. Giessler Richard D. Bates George Perkins
Nick Lombardi Chad Snee Jerry Kasper
Stan Sablak Mark R. Ouhamel Jim Kotanchik
Alan Parsons William Paquin Wade Saadi
Robert Greenwald, MD Paul Schumacher Bill McMurray
Ken Trettin Robert Schlesinger Rob Anderson
Bob Thomas Phil Sager Bob Trachimowicz
Ken Grant Kurt W. Alstede Mercer Bristow