2009 Annual Meeting Report February 27 – March 1

The 2009 Annual Meeting of the United States Stamp Society was held at the St. Louis Stamp Expo during the weekend of February 27th through March 1st.  More than 40 members from across the country attended the show and a good time was had by all.

The official business of the Society was conducted at the Board of Governors Meeting on Saturday morning and the General Membership Meeting later that day.  The account of the Board meeting is reported elsewhere in this issue and the General Meeting minutes and Committee reports will be reported in next month’s issue.

The Society kicked off the weekend at 10 AM Friday morning with the release of our newest publication, United States Supplementary Mail by Specialist editor Leonard Piszkiewicz.  The first book was purchased by Chairman Roger Brody for placement in the USSS Room at the American Philatelic Center in Bellefonte, PA.  Sales were brisk during the course of the weekend, with several dealers at the show taking multiple copies for their own stock, knowing that this will become an essential reference for every postal historian.

Also released was the new CD of Irv Heimbuger’s 2008 Champion of Champions winning exhibit, “The U.S. Pictorial Issue of 1869 and its Usage.”  In full color with an introduction written by Scott Trepel, this is a must for anyone interested in the issue and/or exhibiting. 

On Friday evening, 26 members attended the traditional USSS Fellowship Dinner at Lombardo’s Restaurant.  After an enjoyable buffet dinner, the evening was capped off with the presentation by George Wagner and Jay Stotts of the long-dormant tongue-in-cheek “Golden Bun Award” to Vicky Hadley.

Beginning at the General Membership Meeting on Saturday and continuing throughout the show, we presented the Membership Recognition Award pins to those in attendance who have been with the Society for 15, 25 and 50 years.  Unfortunately, none of our 50-year members were at the show, but we did present a number of 15- and 25-year pins to attending members.  The next distribution of pins will take place in August at StampShow in Pittsburgh.  Please plan to stop by our booth to receive your pin.  If you cannot make it to that show, we will mail you the appropriate pin shortly thereafter.  

Approximately 50% of the exhibit frames were filled with a wide array of material from Society members.  The 14 USSS member exhibits included the stamps and postal history of the Washington-Franklin and Kansas-Nebraska Overprint issues, traditional 1902 and Liberty Series single stamp presentations, Parcel Post, Special Handling, and Registry studies, two Lincoln related displays, and much more.  The Walter W. Hopkinson Trophy was won by Vicky Hadley for her ten-frame exhibit, “Kansas-Nebraska Overprints of 1929,” which also won the Reserve Grand Award for the show.  This awarding of the Hopkinson Trophy took on additional significance in that Vicky’s husband, Leon “Mick” Hadley, had won the award at Florex in 1992 with his Washington-Franklin exhibit.  This is the first time a husband and wife have each won the award.  The Hugh M. Southgate Memorial Trophy was awarded to Eliot A. Landau for his ten-frame showing of “The 6¢ Lincoln Large Bank Note Issues.”  Landau’s single frame exhibit, “The 1909 Lincoln Commemorative Issues: Early Uses and First Day Covers,” won the Single Frame Grand.  The Statue of Freedom medal was presented to Gregory A. Shoults for “Washington and Franklin Coils Rotary Press Issues Perf 10, 1914-1922.” 

Our Society table was staffed continuously throughout the three days of the show.  Members stopped by to purchase books, exchange information, or just to rest up.  Six new members were signed up and one lost sheep rejoined the flock.  Special thanks go out to Joann and Kurt Lenz, Kim Johnson, Larry Ballantyne, Rod Juell, David Sugar, Frank Braithwaite, C. David Eeles and Mike Lampson for helping man the booth at different times.  Those members visiting the booth included:

David Sugar George Wagner Kim Johnson
Len Piszkiewicz Denise Stotts Jay Stotts
Rod Juel Pat Walters Roger Brody
Joann Lenz Kurt Lenz Larry Ballantyne
Robert Rufe Mike Lampson Alan Warren
Greg Shoults Frank Braithwaite Gerry Farrelly
Labron Harris Wallace Cleland Tom Jacks
Greg Sutherland C. David Eeles Eric Jackson
Eliot Landau David Grossblat Joe Casey
Paul Jenkins G. H. Davis Richard Spiek
Gary Hendren Craig Stowers Willy Knopp
G. Scott Ward David Durbin David Straight
Edwin Schaeffer Jacques C. Schiff, Jr. Leon “Mick” Hadley
Vicky Hadley John Bizal Irv Heimburger
Daniel Pagter Dan Undersander Terry Kurzinski

Our 2010 Annual Meeting will be held at the Philadelphia National Stamp Expo, the date and location of which are to be determined.  We will let you know the details as soon as they become available.

—Nicholas Lombardi