Wallace Cleland Inducted into USSS Hall of Fame

Past Chariman of the USSS Board of Governors Wallace Cleland was inducted into the USSS Hall of Fame February 28th at our Annual Meeting in St. Louis.

Wallace Cleland is a nationally recognized researcher, collector and writer on numerous philatelic subjects, particularly the production and printing of U.S. postage and revenue stamps. 

His service to organized philately is most recognized by his contributions to the United States Stamp Society.  Wallace served as Chairman of the Plate Number Check List Service for many years, and in 1989, he was elected to the Board of Governors.  In 1992, Wallace was elected to the Chairmanship of the Board of Governors and in August of that year also served the Society as its twelfth President through the remainder of that year.  He served with distinction as the Society’s Board Chairman through 1997 while continuing his contributions to plate number studies.  In 2006, in honor of his exemplary service, Cleland received the George W. Brett Century of Service Award.


Wallace willingly shares his knowledge though public presentations, including:

• Pacific 97 – “The First 15 Years of BEP Postage Stamps”

• APS Summer Seminars – “Coil Stamps” (joint with Ken Lawrence), 2003, 2006

• Seminar, Collectors Club of Chicago,  “Collecting U.S. Plate Numbers,” 2005

• Seminar, Washington 2006,  “Collecting U.S. Plate Numbers”

The APS recognizes Cleland’s knowledge, using his experience and skills for their expertizing service.  He is also an advisor to the National Postal Museum for their Revenue Stamps Catalog project.  

For over four decades, Cleland has been one of philately’s most prolific research editors and writers.  Notable publications edited by Cleland include: 

Durland Standard Plate Number Catalog:

  • Assistant to Editor, 1994, 1997 and 2000 Editions

  • Co-Editor, 2005 Edition

  • Editor, 2008 Edition

B.I.A. Plate Number Checklist, 1-20,000,  1990

• Twelve B.I.A. and U.S.S.S. Research papers:

  • Printing History of U.S. Postage Dues, Series 1894 and 1930 Flat Plates

  • Printing History of Washington-Franklin 3¢-$5 Denominations 

  • Printing History of Special Delivery, Parcel Post, Parcel Post Due, Special Handling, Registration, Official Mail and Postal Savings Plates

  • Printing History of Booklet Pane Plates, 1900-1954

  • Printing History of the First Bureau Issue Plates, 1894-1903

  • Printing History of 1¢ and 2¢ Stamps of the Washington-Franklin Issue

  • Printing History of Second Bureau Plates Used for Sheet Stamps

  • Printing History of Rotary Sheet Plates, Series 1922 

  • Printing History of Coil Plates, Series 1922

  • Printing History of Series 1922 Flat Plates Used for Sheet Stamps

  • Printing History of 3¢ Stuart Coil Plates, Series 1932

  • Printing History of Series 1922 Flat Plates Used for 2¢ Washington and Harding Memorial Sheet Stamps

For forty years, Wallace has been one of the most prolific contributors to The United States Specialist on a wide variety of topics from plate numbers and markings, coil production, production of the Series of 1922, and the Washington-Franklin Series Coil Waste Issues.  He is widely recognized for original research on revenue stamps and revenue plate markings.  He has authored an extraordinary total of 220 articles that have appeared in The United States Specialist and the Canal Zone Philatelist, a total that increases virtually monthly with each new issue of The Specialist.

Cleland is a three time winner of the Hopkinson Memorial Literature Awards (1986, 2002, 2006), given for the best article published in The U.S. Specialist.

For his distinguished contributions to philately, Cleland was awarded the prestigious Smithsonian Philatelic Achievement Award in 2008.  

Wallace Cleland’s dedication to the United States Stamp Society and his contributions to U.S. philatelic research and knowledge make him worthy of the highest honor the Society can bestow.